PASSME Community of Practitioners

The title of the PASSME project stands for “Personalised Airport Systems for Seamless Mobility and Experience”. The aims of the project are to reduce the door-to-door travel time by 60 minutes, enhance the travel experience, provide passengers with real-time information and reduce stress. The project has achieved four major breakthroughs to achieve these aims:

  1. a real-time passenger-centric monitoring and forecast system
  2. a passenger-independent system for managing luggage flows
  3. radically redesigned airport and aircraft processes and interiors and
  4. a personalised, contextually and emotionally aware device and smartphone device app.

More information on the four breakthroughs can be found by clicking here.

To ensure the project consortium remains connected with the real needs and objectives of target stakeholders and audiences such as airports, airlines and passengers, PASSME has established a Community of Practitioners (CoP). The CoP brings together researchers, developers, end-users and others interested in the development of passenger air travel from the perspective and experience of the passenger. Its objectives are:

  1. Discuss the project’s major findings and seek endorsement
  2. Evaluate whether the results match real needs
  3. Provide direction to resources and access to end users
  4. Help disseminate project findings and activities
  5. Assess emerging trends, opportunities, innovations and developing needs that may affect project concepts
  6. Assess whether to adapt project activities so that needs are met

The CoP’s home is on the social network for professionals LinkedIn.
To visit the CoP, click the link below.