PASSME Breakthroughs

Passenger Demand Forecast System

Breakthrough 1: Passenger Demand Forecast System

PASSME Breakthrough 1 focuses on reducing passenger build up in various areas of the airport, such as check-in, by forecasting the movements of passengers in an airport terminal. The forecast predicts the expected demand and use of certain airport operations thirty minutes ahead of time, improving the management of passenger flow.

Breakthrough 02

Breakthrough 2: Luggage Flows

This breakthrough is about creating a system for managing luggage flows that is separated from the passenger. Examples of this already exist and are working! The check-in luggage is picked up from the passenger, either at their home, hotel or other location and returned to them when they have arrived at their destination. The benefits are, no check-in bag to carry, no check in or pick up. Less to worry about and you can check the location of your bag with your smartphone.

Breakthrough 03

Breakthrough 3: Redesigned Passenger-Centric Airport and Airplane Interiors

PASSME Breakthrough 3 aims to reduce travel time, reduce passenger stress and improve comfort through the redesign of airport and aircraft interiors. These modifications are focused on different stages of a journey – Security, Boarding gate and aircraft. At present these stages are experienced as stressful and uncomfortable for passengers and associated with delays and increased travel times.

Breakthrough 04

Breakthrough 4: A Personalised Device and Smartphone Application

The aim of this application is to help make the passenger journey less stressful and more enjoyable. PASSME develops a personal information system for the passenger in the airport. This will let the passenger know the time of departure, the walking time to the gate, the locations of shops and other services and will help manage stress by helping to guide the passenger through the airport to the boarding area.