Breakthrough 2: Luggage Flows

This breakthrough is about creating a system for managing luggage flows that is separated from the passenger. Examples of this already exist and are working! The check-in luggage is picked up from the passenger, either at their home, hotel or other location and returned to them when they have arrived at their destination. The benefits are, no check-in bag to carry, no check in or pick up. Less to worry about and you can check the location of your bag with your smartphone.

PASSME research revealed that the sooner the luggage journey is separated from the passenger journey the better in terms of travel time and experience. Luggage is causing hassle and hassle is costing time and frustration (negative experience). PASSME created three main stream luggage journeys, for checked in luggage, hand luggage and tax-free articles.

For checked in luggage (‘hold luggage’ in aviation jargon) all alternatives show an ‘off airport’ process, separating passengers and their luggage as early as possible in the journey. Examples are train stations, parking lots and hotels and even cruise ships. Time savings are above 30 minutes for a one-way journey and all passengers involved show a positive effect on their experience.

Hand luggage is causing trouble while boarding. As PASSME learned, in most European aircraft, only two thirds of the passengers can store their luggage in the overhead bins. Here also, PASSME showed solutions to detect excess hand luggage as early as possible in the passenger journey. These solutions also contribute to a more positive experience of passengers.

Tax free articles are a special phenomenon. Most of the time these articles are used at home after the return flight. So PASSME developed a home delivery system, like ordinary web shop deliveries. As these solutions do not contribute to time and experience as much as hold and hand luggage, PASSME left these solutions to the market to further develop and pick up opportunities.

The conclusion of this breakthrough is that separating all types of luggage as much as possible, from the passenger. is helping a positive passenger experience and is reducing door to door travel time.