About the PASSME Project

PASSME aims to reduce unwanted door-to-door air travel time in the EU by 60 minutes and make the airport experience less stressful and more enjoyable for passengers and the aviation industry. Funded by the EU’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme, PASSME brings together experts in aviation, transport, research, design, technology and communications. PASSME is focusing on four breakthroughs to meet the overall objectives.

The PASSME model is a visual demonstration of this ambition, you can download it here: PASSME Build It Yourself Model

Breakthrough 1: Passenger Demand Forecast System

The system uses input from sensors around the airport as well as from personalised devices (see Breakthrough 4), to provide predictive analytics on passenger flows up to 20 minutes ahead of real time. In that way, the airport can adapt capacity at security and border control, and airline services can adapt at boarding based on passenger demand.

Breakthrough 2: Passenger Independent System for Managing Luggage Flows

The luggage system reduces passenger time in the airport by at least 30 minutes and increases the control passengers have over their luggage. Three distinct flows of luggage are improved: check-in luggage, carry-on luggage and airport /airline shopping. Each of these flows have their own dynamics and breakthrough solutions (e.g. goods bought before the flight delivered to destination / home, reducing luggage space and weight). The personal device (see Breakthrough 4) enables the passenger to control and follow their luggage.

Breakthrough 3: Redesigned Passenger-Centric Airport and Aircraft Interiors

PASSME customised interiors improve passenger flows, optimise use of space, and make the passenger experience more seamless and enjoyable. They are fully integrated with the PASSME personalised device, app and forecasting system. The designs are focused on: airport security check; aircraft boarding, and; designs to improve the ambiance of airport and aircraft interiors. The first two areas were identified as two of the biggest passenger bottlenecks, and improved aircraft boarding designs can increase the speed of embarking and disembarking by 50%.

Breakthrough 4: Personalised Device and Smartphone Application

The PASSME personalised device and smartphone app will measure physiological state, stress indicators and will give feedback to the passenger. The smartphone app will provide predictive, contextual and personalised feedback that increases trust, decreases stress and guides the passenger door-to-door. The smartphone application will integrate with Breakthrough 1 to support efficient and effective options to passengers to enhance their travel experience within the airport and speed up their travel processes. The personalised device and app will allow information to be exchanged between the airport and the passenger, allowing them to make informed decisions.

You can download the PASSME brochure here: PASSME_Consortium Brochure

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You can also view and download the official PASSME project deliverables by clicking here.

Or if you would like to share your airport experiences, email us at hello@passme.eu.