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On Tuesday 27th of June, aviation and travel industry leaders at the Future Travel Experience (FTE) in Dublin heard how experts in the EU-funded PASSME research project are working to reduce passengers’ door-to-door travel times within the EU by 60 minutes and transform the passenger experience.

PASSME partner and TUDelft researcher Katinka Bergema

Day 2 of FTE featured the ‘Baggage Innovation Summit’.

PASSME was showcased in two sessions. The first was a co-creation forum that hosted a series of discussions. A wide range of professionals within the aviation industry attended the forum, which covered the themes of developing door-to-door baggage delivery as well as improving passenger boarding. The second session was a joint presentation titled ‘What if we didn’t have to deal with baggage, and other passenger processes, at the airport at all?’ chaired by PASSME partner and Delft University post-doctoral researcher, Katinka Bergema.

Speaking at the co-creation forum discussion on improving passenger boarding, PASSME partner André Castro from Alma Design, commented:

The reduction in aircraft boarding times is a key breakthrough in the PASSME project. A new aircraft seat concept is being developed by partners Optimares and Alma Design, with the first mock-ups arriving soon for testing. PASSME’s customised aircraft interiors will improve passenger flows and optimise the use of limited space.”


The FTE Dublin show floor

The presentation session followed the discussion forum and focused specifically on innovations in baggage delivery. As chair of the presentation session, PASSME partner Katinka Bergema said:
“Air passengers will travel differently in the future. Currently, passengers must face the stress of traveling to the airport with their luggage then having to wait at the bag drop, and wait again at baggage reclaim in their destination airport. In removing the luggage from these stages from the air travel process there is a major opportunity for the industry to simplify, streamline and improve the passenger experience. PASSME is innovative because it brings all of the players together to meet the needs of passengers, airlines, airports, and other important services.”

Also speaking in this session were Paul Mewett of Airportr and Sven de Laaf of Travel Light; two aviation sector companies that provide technology-driven solutions for baggage delivery.

PASSME partner and TUDelft researcher Katinka Bergema





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