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On Thursday, 6th of July, our project coordinator Professor Sicco Santema from TU Delft showcased the breakthroughs of the PASSME project on the ‘Jinek’ programme -  a talk show hosted by Dutch television personality, Eva Jinek, which enjoys an audience of 800,000 people. The show is broadcast on NPO, the Netherlands Broadcasting Corporation.

As we’re in the middle of vacation time for many Europeans, Professor Santema took the opportunity to comment on the challenges that passengers frequently face before they even reach the aircraft for their flight and after they touch down in the destination airport.


He pointed to long queues causing passengers to miss their flights as a crucial passenger setback.

“It’s an inconvenience to wait like that, and it happens all too frequently.”

Professor Santema pointed to the technology-driven breakthroughs of the PASSME project that can make a fundamental and beneficial difference to how passengers travel through airports. These breakthroughs include:

•    Using data to develop ‘passenger forecasting’ systems that predict passenger flows through airports
•    Using data to identify passenger behaviour at airports while travelling, such as shopping patterns at duty free

The challenge of providing better baggage movement options for passengers was also discussed. Professor Santema highlighted the inconvenience of the current security processes passengers face with their luggage and hand-luggage, involving having to open the hand-luggage, unpack it for security checks, then pack it again after the process is complete.

Professor Santema pointed to new options becoming widely available and experimented with in certain airports, including door-to-door luggage delivery services, where luggage is collected days before the passenger’s departing flight and then delivered to the destination.

To watch the complete episode of the Jinek programme featuring Professor Santema’s interview, click here.



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