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During the Passenger Terminal Expo in Amsterdam last month, PASSME partner Katinka Bergema of TUDelft and Ad Rutten, owner of Ocean Management Solutions presented passenger baggage as a service.PTE 17 image2 luggagejourneystreams

PASSME stands for ‘Personalised Airport Systems for Seamless Mobility and Experience’ and dealing with luggage and all the extra effort involved is an obstacle to that seamless mobility.

So, how did Katinka and Ad present the PASSME-powered idea of ‘baggage as a service’? - as a time and effort-saving option for passengers, and a business opportunity for aviation and non-aviation industries.

Passengers would be able to use a more simplified, secure and less time-consuming method of having baggage transported – current methods being developed include:
• Luggage drop-off points at transport terminals and in cities
• Pick-up and delivery services, from passengers’ homes to final destination
• Online purchase of duty-free items before a flight and collection at the destination

The presentation summarized the previous efforts to gain passenger insights on luggage, via interviews and a workshop.

Passengers who took part in the interviews shared key insights:
• Baggage handling is seen as a ‘commodity’
• Innovation is slow and technology that could prove useful isn’t used enough
• Passengers feel their voice isn’t really relevant
• Baggage handling is a ‘traditional’ process

Representatives of the aviation industry who took part in the workshop focused on the following insights:
• Passenger experience is paramount
• Ideally hold luggage should travel independently
• Hand luggage is best for immediate use only
• To improve the luggage system, there must be a significant change of business models

A further roundtable engagement event is scheduled for a future date.

To access the presentation, click here.

To visit the TUDelft website, click here.

To visit the Passenger Terminal Expo website, click here.



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