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During the Passenger Terminal Expo in Amsterdam, March 2017, PASSME partner Christine De Lille, Assistant Professor of user-centred design of business at TUDelft met with the team at Mijksenaar design agency in their Amsterdam office.

Mijksenaar are wayfinding experts – they develop designs and provide advice to clients with the aim to help people

physically ‘find their way’ in public and semi-public environments, such as museums, libraries and theatres.

With their experience in designing airport layouts for better passenger mobility in countries including India, the US and Switzerland, Mijksenaar are an ideal company for PASSME to share ideas and best practices with.


 Christine’s presentation highlighted how the strong design ideas of PASSME are a means to achieving key results from the project including:

• Shared value creation – a business management strategy where opportunities are found in existing social challenges
• Greater transparency
• Gaining customer insights
• Proving to be suitable for ill-defined and complex passenger problems

Christine’s presentation also looked at how the PASSME app can be effective in a disruption scenario. When a passenger’s journey is disrupted by inconveniences such as a delayed flight or lost luggage, the PASSME app can inform the passenger of the situation, recommend the best options available and then de-stress the passenger, through a conversational, user-friendly interface.

Christine’s presentation concluded with the digital innovation context – how this offers a whole new level of choice for passengers, in terms of e-commerce, services and more. As developments in the passenger experience at airports are occurring more rapidly, quantitative data and analysing historical performance may not be as insightful as once thought. Christine’s presentation emphasized how design-led innovation is key for ensuring that we remain engaged with passengers and their behaviours.

To access Christine De Lille’s presentation, click here.

To visit the TUDelft website, click here.

To visit the Mijksenaar website, click here.



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