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Last month, PASSME partner and TUDelft PHD researcher Suzanne Hiemstra van Mastright was awarded a dissertation prize from the reputable Human Factors Netherlands organisation (HFN).

Suzanne received the award during the Human Factors Netherlands congress on Friday, the 25th of November, for the title of 'Best Dissertation in the field of Ergonomics in the Period of 2013 - 2016'.

Suzanne's winning thesis was on the topic of 'Comfortable Passenger Seats', from which she graduated in 2015.SHVM reveiving HF ergonomics award Nov 2016

Commenting on Suzanne's win, the HFN praised her work, "the doctoral thesis of Ms. S. Hiemstra-Mastrigt excels in a clear manner. Its treatment of the chosen, multifaceted issue is very systematic, professional and often original. She therefore is master in theory and practice and has given a valuable example through a coherent set of heterogeneous studies and recommendations."

Further feedback on Suzanne's research described how it provides a "systematic overview of the design, acquisition and usage problems of the sitting supports for passengers in planes, trains and automobiles. With several, mostly small-scale practical and laboratory investigations, it extends the professional understanding of this area. The presentation of the content is attractive and very organized."

The jury assessed the entries for the Human Ergonomics dissertation prize based on adequate coherence between problem and conduct of the study, good data analysis and scientific discussion of the results, amongst other criteria.

Also awarded during the congress was fellow TUDelft researcher and PHD candidate Marian Loth, who received the Pieter Rookmaaker award for mobility.

Suzanne's research in the area of passenger seats is of paramount relevance to the nature of the PASSME project in providing the a shorter and overall better experience for airline passengers.This prestigious award win for Suzanne's work underlines her importance and continued contribution to the PASSME project and we're thrilled to that she is one of our partners.

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