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The PASSME Community of Practice (CoP) aims to ensure PASSME research is up-to-date and meets the needs of aviation stakeholders. This is achieved through engagement with industry experts in order to receive their input, feedback and insights on PASSME results.

PASSME held an online CoP meeting in November 2016, during a project meeting in Nottingham. The aim of this particular meeting was to introduce CoP members to the PASSME project, and to present key innovations and breakthroughs achieved during the first 18 months of the project.

PASSME Coordinator Professor Sicco Santema welcomed participants to the meeting and ensured everything ran smoothly. Participating partners included Ronald Grosmann & Michel Van Eenige from the Netherlands Aerospace Centre, presenting their findings on passenger forecasting, Richard Ottens from Dutch airline KLM presented PASSME breakthroughs on luggage flow movement, André Castro from design company Almadesign presented innovations in customized airport and aircraft design and interiors. Nikos Frangakis from ICCS, a Greek computer engineering research institute, who presented breakthroughs on the PASSME personalized device and smartphone app.

The participants of the PASSME CoP meeting represented the diversity of PASSME stakeholders; airlines, airports, design companies, logistics companies and the travel and tourism industry were all present at the meeting.

Feedback focused on how passengers can be fully engaged and ‘incentivized’ to take full advantage of these breakthroughs when at the airport, as well as how passenger feedback can be measured in response to these new ideas. There were also interesting discussions on how these new ideas can be reconciled with the various security standards at different airports, particularly regarding luggage flow innovation, as well as the digital infrastructures of airports.

The next CoP meeting will be held in Spring 2017.

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