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PASSME Doodle DDW 2016

Professor of Business Marketing at TU Delft and PASSME Scientific Coordinator Sicco Santema presented the PASSME project at Dutch Design Week (DDW) which took place in Eindhoven in the Netherlands from the 21st to the 29th of October 2016.

DDW is the biggest design event in Northern Europe, taking place annually in October. The event features the work of over 2500 designers to a global audience of over 275,000. The event unfolds over a hundred locations across Eindhoven through multiple exhibitions, lectures, debates and more, facilitated by the DDW organisers.

Professor Santema’s presentation highlighted how the PASSME project corresponds closely with the “future designs” DDW central theme.
One of PASSME’s aims is to improve the airport experience for at least 70% of passengers, and design is one of the main approaches being used to achieve this. Sicco presented how PASSME is identifying typical trigger-points in airports for passenger stress and how innovative PASSME re-designs of modern airport layouts and passenger routes can be a key solution.

Baggage is a key flashpoint for all air travel stakeholders. It causes stress for passengers due to the possibility of lost luggage and longer wait-times for baggage collection, and extra workloads for airline and airport staff. PASSME is designing the Origin to Destination (O2D) luggage system, which aims to make airports “baggageless”. Sicco highlighted the PASSME solution as the way forward, presenting partner research into the O2D, which takes in to account three types of luggage; check-in, cabin, and tax-free articles.

Finally, PASSME research on a new passenger experience-focused app was also presented, whereby passengers can receive personalised real-time information about their journey, and about facilities and directions at the airport. For example, a passenger could feed the app data on his/her own airport preferences, likes and dislikes, which would facilitate the app to provide tips and ideas for active passenger stress reduction.

As with previous years, DDW 2016 proved to be a dynamic design expo, wide in scope and brimming with intrigue: similar expos focused on passenger experiences in transport, such as the expo on 'Hololens' virtual reality technology in Volvo Cars, as well as the ‘Home away from Home’ expo, putting new design concepts for housing for asylum seekers in the spotlight.


To access the complete PASSME presentation given by Professor Sicco Santema, click here.

To access the Dutch Design Week 2016 event website, click here.



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