This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 636308.

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Christine Pic1) What is your background and what qualifications and experience do you bring to PASSME?
I am a designer, researcher and an entrepreneur. This combination and my focus on passenger experience in my research, enables me to make a difference in an industry which is dominated by islands of organisations and people focusing on safety and regulations.

2) What do you uniquely bring to PASSME?
The combination of trying to give passengers an active role in innovation. By linking personal passenger stories with airports and airlines, and urging aviation stakeholder to act on them. I am a bit naïve in that I firmly believe we can actually change the aviation industry.

3) What do you find most exciting about the PASSME project?
How we, by working together with unexpected partners, break the industry loose from its common practices, make a real difference, give an entirely new perspectives and surprise people. I am very proud how we have in such a short time already seem to have made a difference.

4) What is your best airport experience?
London City airport. It is such a fast airport for business travellers. No hassle and an easy location in the city centre.

5) What is your favourite airport in the world and why?
Changi airport, because of the way they offer experiences to travellers even within a somewhat dated terminal. For example, the free fully arranged tours to Singapore centre. The hotel where you can rest for a few hours, the gardens and movie theater. But especially the airport pool and jacuzzi where for a small fee, you get entrance, a towel and a drink. Perfect for transfer passengers!

6) What is your favourite destination?
Tokyo. I love the bustling atmosphere of the city, the food and the serenity of the gardens. The clash of history and traditions with technology and modern developments.

7) If you could change one thing about the airport, what would it be?
That passengers are continuously pushed through gates. I wish airports were more like being welcomed to a hotel or a spa.

8) What three items do you need to bring with you when you travel?
Earrings, a charger and a pen and notebook.



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