This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 636308.

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Giannis Pic SmallerWhat is your background and what qualifications and experience do you bring to PASSME?
I completed a PhD on tracking and interaction concepts. Today, I work as an Electrical and Computer Engineer. I am the technical manager of the I-SENSE group and have significant experience working on industrial projects. My research interests lie in the field of transport and in particular on Intelligent Transport Systems. I am acting as the PASSME Technical and Quality Manager.

What do you uniquely bring to PASSME?
The knowledge on user-centric and user-oriented developments and the ability to turn innovation into practical implementations.

What do you find most exciting about the PASSME project?
The actual tangible results on passenger experience at future airports.

What is your best airport experience?
Travelling with kids and realising that there was a place outside the gate where children could play. 

What is your favourite airport in the world and why?
Difficult question. I would say I would prefer the airports that use natural light as much as possible or have a character of their own. In this sense, Barcelona and Copenhagen would be my two favourites.

What is your favourite destination?
A holiday destination for sure, you name it...

If you could change one thing about the airport, what would it be?
Security. The hassle of unpacking and repacking luggage surrounded by people in a rush is always uncomfortable

What three items do you need to bring with you when you travel?
Depending on whether I travel for business or not. My laptop, a book and my passport.



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