This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 636308.

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PASSME aims to ensure that its results are relevant and of use to its target end-users in the aviation industry. We are therefore launching a Community of Practice (CoP) in order to share project results, and invite input and feedback from industry experts, to ensure they are at the cutting edge of industry needs. PASSME research and results will benefit from the expert insights provided by members of the CoP. The CoP will be launched with an online meeting with aviation experts from airlines, airports, transport and design networks across Europe this November.

The meeting will be chaired by the project’s Scientific Coordinator, Professor Sicco Santema of Technical University Delft. A number of PASSME partners will provide an overview of PASSME results and breakthroughs to date, and how they plan to proceed with their work in the coming months.People at a meeting PASSME CoP

Ronald Grosmann, NLR, will present on the real-time passenger-centric forecast system currently under development in PASSME.
Richard Ottens, KLM, will present ongoing work in the task of developing an Origin to Destination luggage system.
Nikos Frangakis, ICCS, will explain the development of a passenger-focussed PASSME application and personalised device.
Rui Marcelino, Almadesign, will explain the design of customised interiors, and the models and prototypes currently being investigated as part of PASSME.

For further information, please see the CoP meeting invitation and agenda.

A dedicated CoP LinkedIn account will be created to share weekly updates on the project. A PASSME Newsletter will also be circulated to all CoP members throughout the lifetime of the project.

If you are interested in finding out more about the meeting or if you would like to attend, please email for further information.



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