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Our partners come from very diverse backgrounds and they all bring their own unique skills to the project. Dr Katinka Bergema is a postdoctoral researcher with Delft University of Technology. Find out more about her background, her airport pet hates and her best travel experience.

KATINKA PICWhat is your background/qualifications/previous research experience?
I’m an industrial design engineer and have a masters in Strategic Product Design.
I’ve got a PhD, in which I researched the collaboration between stakeholders in innovation networks. An example of this was the collaboration between people from Philips and SaraLee to develop the Senseo coffeemaker. In my research, I studied the factors that influence the collaboration, how people dealt with these factors and what impact it had on the overall collaboration. This resulted in an action repertoire to support practitioners in their collaboration with people from other organisations.

What do you specifically bring to PASSME?
The knowledge about how to collaborate effectively with many different stakeholders in innovation projects and how these stakeholders can differ in their way of working, their interests and their commitment.

What do you find most exciting about the PASSME project?
The complexity of aviation with so many different stakeholders, passengers, regulations, etc. In all this complexity, it’s a challenge to come up with solutions to reduce check-in time and increase experience. When I tell people about the project, they really want to have such solutions but they also believe it’s impossible to do so. This gives me extra motivation to make it work and to show the world that it is possible to do!

What do you find most annoying about travelling through the airport?
That I’m often picked out for extra checks while going through security. I really don’t understand why- they obviously never find anything-but I find it strange that they always pick me out of the line!

What is your best airport experience?
I had a transfer from an airport in Iceland and we arrived too early and the airplane couldn’t land yet. The pilot knew a lot about Iceland and we flew around the island and he gave us an explanation of all the sights that we saw.

What is your favourite destination?
Any place warm and sunny with kind people.

If you could change one thing about the airport, what would it be?
I would like to explore whether we can make a baggage-less airport where all airport stakeholders benefit from the results.

What three items would you need to bring with you on your travels?
My passport, flip flops and kindle.




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