This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 636308.

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Students PhotographTU Delft has a team of 30 students who have been working on one of PASSME’s key objectives- to improve the passenger experience. In a series of research projects funded by both PASSME and Sustainable Work Environments, TU Delft students investigated how to improve the gate experience for airport passengers. It is well known that passengers spend quite a lot of unwanted time here. It is a challenging objective to improve their perceptions and attitudes to this area in the airport.

The design students developed a series of prototypes, which went through five different design phases. The students designed three unique prototypes which are entirely functional. Each prototype met different needs passengers have at the gate.

The first prototype was designed to facilitate social time, allowing passengers to have one-to-one conversations in privacy. The second prototype developed is a table, which allows passengers to use their energy to generate electricity to power the charging of mobile devices. And the final prototype is a five metre wide design installion inspired by ‘Jacob’s ladders’. It is a maze which passengers of any age can walk through and it serves as a distraction and a quiet space.

Each prototype will go through a testing phase in Schiphol airport in Amsterdam at three different gates. This will allow the design students to monitor the receptiveness of passengers to the designs and to test the functionalities of the prototypes; KLM is a partner in this phase of prototype development. Following the completion of their designs, students presented their findings to over 300 professionals across academia and the aviation industry. Due to the quality of the research presented, each student will now present their prototypes at the Future Travel Experience conference which will take place in Amsterdam. The prototypes will be on display to all of the delegates in attendance.

Alma Design, a key design partner in PASSME, has been focussing on transforming the design of airports in Europe. The research conducted by TU Delft students will feed into the achievement of this ambitious objective. We can’t wait to see the new design and interiors our partners will develop!



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