This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 636308.

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Optimares, a PASSME project partner, works closely with other Work Package (WP 5) partners on PASSME customised interiors. Optimares is an Italian company working in passenger-centric design of air travel interiors. They have many years’ experience of identifying future trends in engineering and product development in the aviation interiors industry.

Optimares Aircraft InteriorThey are heavily involved in WP5, in particular customising the interiors of aircraft and airport lounges, services and amenities. Optimares will develop new solutions for LOPAs layouts, seats, and interior components for aircraft interiors in order to contribute to the PASSME objective of reducing air travel time door-to-door by 60 minutes. Optimares and their WP5 partner Alma will work towards this objectve by designing aircraft interiors that will optimise the use of time and space for boardng and deboarding.

For example, Optimares are designing an innovative overhead bin for the aircraft that will allow luggage to be stowed and retrieved more easliy, saving both airilne and passenger time. They are also trialling flip-up seat pans (the kind you see in the cinema) to allow quicker and easier access to seats and the aisle for passengers, and allowing the airline quicker and more efficient boarding and deboarding.

Once the designs for the above innovations have been drafted, Optimares will work with Alma Design in order to test their engineering capabilities and make any modifications and certify it for use in an aircraft. The designs will then go through a shortlisting ad approval process. Finally, once these steps have been achieved, Optimares will collaborate with PASSME coordinator, TUDelft in order to produce and install the mock-up for the PASSME cabin interior design.

Their work will be informed by studying existing design and technical aspects, as well as passenger behaviours boarding and deboarding aircraft. The Optimares team has gained experience of developing and designing aeronautical seats over many years. They are experienced in the certification requirements, selection and use of the correct materials, as well as design aspects. Their work will be made available to ALMA design to create innovative and certifiable solutions

Optimares has already developed the MAXIMA PLUS LOPA (image below) which has proven that boarding and deboarding are much quicker when passengers at the wndow seat have direct access to the aisle.

Watch this space for the future of innovative, quick, and stress-free boarding and baggage stowing!





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