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Writing in APEX Experience magazine, Marisa Garcia interviewed Luke Hawes, directPASSME Apex Mag Infographic 1 3.2.17 2or of design firm PriestmanGoode.

Luke gives his perspective on expanding the holistic approach to aircraft interior design to improve the passenger experience. He emphasizes that consistency, even in the smaller details, is crucial for more meaningful interactions between passengers and their in-flight surroundings, “As a designer, you want to create an environment where everything is intuitive, and everything has a place.” He points to further engagement with regulators in order to find more innovative safety solutions, “There are still no smoking signs on every seat - visually streamlining this would be better for the passenger experience, whilst retaining the same level of safety.” At PASSME, it’s interesting to see more examples of design-driven methods for improving passenger experiences.

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