This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 636308.

Technical University of Hamburg
Technical University of HamburgHamburg University of Technology
Institute for Transport Planning and Logistics


About Hamburg University of Technology

Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH) is a competitive entrepreneurial university that is internationally oriented. Its founding principles are primacy of research, an interdisciplinary approach, a focus on innovation and an identity that is both regional and international. The principle of developing “technology for people” has always been central to TUHH’s research, teaching, and technology transfer activities. The research activities of the scientific institutes, as well as the interdisciplinary Research Centres, are clustered around three fields of competences: Green Technologies, Life Science Technologies and Aviation and Maritime Systems. Today, there are approximately100 professors and 1,150 employees at TUHH (including 500 academic staff) as well as 6,000 students from a range of countries worldwide.

The Institute for Transport Planning and Logistic (VSL) at TUHH is a centre for interdisciplinary transportation research focusing on three core areas: spatial structures and transport planning, logistics and sustainability as well as transport and logistics nodes. Cutting across these topics, our research focuses on the origins of the demand for transport and mobility, on the implementation of innovative concepts for transportation and logistics as well as on the improvement of supply chains for the sustainable design of mobility and traffic. One leading goal of our research is to achieve a long term decoupling of economic development from its negative environmental and social impacts.


Role in the project

In this project, TUHH will provide expertise in the analysis of airport surveys, a deep understanding of passenger behaviour based on empirical analysis as well as simulation tools to calculate passenger specific times of arrival from ground transportation and activity patterns at the airport.





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