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Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam
Schiphol Airport AmsterdamSchiphol Airport Amsterdam
Department Analysis, Development & Innovation
The Netherlands


About Schiphol Airport

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is Europe’s 3rd largest airport with 52.6 million passengers in 2013. Schiphol is a well-equipped international airport that offers state-of-the-art facilities. It was awarded Europe’s best airport for 16 years in a row and awarded 8 times as best airport in the world (last time in 2012). For operations to run efficiently, Schiphol depends heavily on its home carrier KLM and its SkyTeam partners. The activities at Schiphol are an important engine which drives the Dutch economy and generates employment. In order to consolidate and expand, Schiphol will be investing in capacity and quality improvements over the coming years. This will include large-scale adaptations to the terminal, gates and piers in anticipation of future market demand.


Role in the project

Several projects that already run within Schiphol Airport have relationships with the PASSME project, such that information and experiences can be used both ways to improve several processes across projects.

Schiphol will provide real-time personalised data from airport facilities.

Schiphol will also support research done within PASSME Work Package (WP) 4 through SIM. Schiphol participates in the Innovative Mainport (SIM) alliance together with KLM, TU Delft, NLR and TNO. By combining the knowledge and experiences of the aviation sector and the various knowledge institutions, SIM gives power to develop and implement concrete innovations.





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