This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 636308.

Optimares SpA
OptimaresOptimares SpA
S.S. 156 dei Monti Lepini Km 44
04018 Sezze Scalo (LT)


About Optimares

Optimares SpA was established in 2011 and it specialises in the development, certification and delivery of strategic products for commercial aircraft interiors. The main focus is on seats, but the company also has expertise in the development of furniture and inserts.

Optimares’ core mission is to provide passengers with a superior experience, with a strong belief in the strategic connection between the success of an airline and its passengers’ experience. Optimares’ strength comes from its people, their vision and their expertise. The management team and the entire working group have a background in aviation: every single team member has been raised in an aviation environment with excellence in mind. The headquarters are located in the heart of an aviation cluster, where the high-tech and the traditional craftsmanship of the Italian manufacturing sectors converge.


Role in the project

Optimares will contribute to research and development in Work Package 5 to optimize boarding time inside the aircraft. A mock-up will be made of an aircraft together with TU Delft and seats will be installed by Optimares. The goal is to reduce boarding time once a passenger is inside the airplane by 30 percent.





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